Builder Responsibilities

Becoming an owner builder allows you to get precisely what you need, save big money, and have full control of your jobs. But in addition to these come some big responsibilities to make sure your job runs smoothly. For those who take in the general contractor role you are the individual at the top. Let's have a gander in the major duties that owner builders handle.


Building or remodeling a dwelling can involve hundreds of different people and companies and every love it one of these requires compensation. If the budget is surpassed, the owner is in charge of making up the difference over and above the bank loan.


They're in charge of ensuring the highest quality, if you hire a general contractor to build your add-on or dwelling. For the owner building their own job, the buck stops with them.


In addition to personal injury, the owner builder is also, exposed to weather and theft liability.

Building sites can be extremely dangerous. From nail guns miss shooting to saw blade kick backs, the potential for personal injury is high in the building site. This could expose owner builders to potential lawsuits. Therefore, it is tremendously important for owners to acquire satisfactory general liability insurance for the job and require all trade contractors to adapt to your own insurance requirements.

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